Our Founder & Director

Barbara A. White

Barb has served the Global Community with leadership and entrepreneurial abilities, and she has consistently worked for the betterment of humankind. She is currently residing in Kurdistan, IRAQ. She has traveled to the People’s Democratic Republic of Congo 4 times, and Eastern Africa, including Ethiopia and Somalia to meet with Government Leaders and Educators.

Barb has also served in various positions throughout her life. She has successfully managed an Non Profit called Light Foundational Ministries and concurrently owned and managed two businesses. This has also been while volunteering with youth and the elderly in the inner city in her local community. As an entrepreneur, who quickly built her own successful consulting business, she also empathetically helped other business owners set priorities and create the balance they want between life and work.

With more than two decades of operational and management experience, Barbara White has developed a sharp eye for how businesses and leaders can be turned around with proficient support and concise implementation around the world. This means practical application of certain practices that build and strengthen populations with less opportunity and educational resources.

She has taught Leadership Training and Successful Life Skills for over twenty years. She has worked to establish confidence, courage, and inspiration for those in both large and small businesses. She has succeeded, both as a paid professional consultant and teacher, and has worked many hours to constructively influence the lives of many. She has been a United States Congressional Candidate, for the 5th District of Minnesota, and she is also a Pastor, with a Master Degree in Theological Studies from Bethel Seminary. She is the Author of Nadja The Pearl of Sinjar, and contributing author to an economical guidebook, Common Sense-The Way Back.

Barbara holding a bone fragment from a mass grave of Christians in Simmel.

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