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We exist to serve the indigenous people of Duhok, Kurdistan and those who have been displaced through war, attempted genocide by ISIS troops, and families who have directly lost loved ones through war and invasion.

Located in Kurdistan, Iraq

A Note From Our Director

Thank you for stopping by! OUR ORGANIZATION WAS FOUNDED IN 1986 AND IS IN GOOD STANDING. It has been a pleasure to serve in the United States of America, Africa, and Kurdistan. It is hard to believe that it has already been over three years since we arrived here in Kurdistan in March 2015. It has been such an honor to serve in this particular part of the Middle East.

We have had the blessing of serving families in Kurdistan in so many numerous ways. Just this past year not only did we make hospital visits and administer medication, we also helped distribute heating fuels and food. Many families have returned to Sinjar to start over after being displaced, killed, and tortured by ISIS. This aid to recover has been initiated and supervised with generous help like yours. We now, however, are in need of a vehicle to continue our work.

It is challenging to be here because of threats of war, displaced persons, medical care that is lacking, but despite the barriers, so much is being accomplished. Last September a referendum was voted on by the people which led to an invasion from Iran and Iraq. God intervened but many more refugees are in need of our help! We have now also been invited to help with the remaining Assyrian Christians in their plight to be free from ongoing invasions and persecution.

Wishing you all the very best,

Barbara A. White
Founder / Director
Light Foundation

Barbara White, Director


With your generous support

Featured Projects

Dream Center

Education has been advanced through our work with the Government of Kurdistan to really focus on teaching English to this area. The Dream Center Advanced English Institute officially opened in September 2017. There have already been some who have completed short courses. We are so proud of these students. They are coming from many cities and walks of life.

Nadja The Pearl of Sinjar

A Young Girl’s Story of Strength and Courage to Overcome being Captured and made a Sex Slave to ISIS. Her Escape and Her Journey Back to Freedom are Compelling. A book by Barbara White.

Kurdistan, Iraq

Iraqi Kurdistan, officially called the Kurdistan Region of Iraq by the Iraqi constitution, is an autonomous region located in northern Iraq.

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